Galaxy S4 & Other Samsung Phones: $30 To $300 Off In RS Trade-In Program

Galaxy S4 & Other Samsung Phones: $30 To $300 Off In RS Trade-In Program

Good news for those who were planning to visit RadioShack to buy a Samsung phone.

RadioShack’s trade-in program now offers up to $300 off any new Samsung phone with a 2-year contract. Yep, that even includes the new Samsung Galaxy S4!

Shoppers can take advantage of the deal at RadioShack brick and mortar stores or online.

The value of the trade-in device is determined by Radio Shack. They have an estimator on their site.

Those who go online to trade-in their phone will need to mail their old phone to Radio Shack for a firm price. In return for the trade-in, shoppers will receive a gift card.

Retail store customers will receive an immediate credit on a new Samsung phone.

Radio Shack does require the phone to be in functional condition. The minimum trade-in value as a credit for the purchase of a Samsung phone is $30. The max is $300.

Radio Shack says the maximum trade-in is provided for AT&T Galaxy Note 2’s and AT&T Apple iPhone 5’s (64GB) with their chargers and batteries intact.

The offer is also only good for the purchase of Samsung phones that come with a two-year plan. It ends July 6th.

Will you be taking advantage of Radio Shack’s trade-in program?

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Consumer Expert Adeel Qayum

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