Galaxy S5 To Have Improved Security Features

Samsung are introducing new security software to their Galaxy S5 smartphone in a bid to deter thieves and respond to growing concerns by law enforcement agencies and the public surrounding the recent increase of smartphone theft.

The S5 is the latest model of smartphone from Samsung and is officially being released on Friday.

As well as many of the usual features which users expect from Samsung phones, the S5 also comes preloaded with two new security features when purchased through Verizon and US Cellular.

The “find my mobile” service is similar to the service provided to iPhone users.

With this feature, users can locate a lost phone, wipe it clean and receive alerts when a new sim card is inserted.

The reactivation lock feature will lock the phone if it detects an unauthorised attempt to reset it.

Other security features that will come with the S5 include a fingerprint scanner which can be used to make payments through PayPal and set a ‘private’ mode to protect files and photos.

Although the official launch date for the S5 is April 11, pre-orders are now available through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-mobile.

Consumer Expert Anna Milward

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