Fans rejoice: An all-new trailer for Game of Thrones Season 5 has finally popped up on YouTube.

Seven long months after the heart-pounding Season 4 finale of HBO’s hit show, we’re finally given another glimpse into the sweeping world of Westeros.

The quality of the trailer isn’t the best, but it’s still packed with just enough eye candy to warrant repeat viewings.

Let’s break it down:

The trailer begins with the now customary voice over courtesy of Aiden Gillan’s Petyr Baelish telling a tearful Sansa Stark, “There’s no justice in this world. Avenge them.” “Them,” in this case, is certainly the myriad other Starks who have met painful ends at the hands of the Lannisters in general, and Joffrey in particular.

We’re then given a series of shots of what appears to be Varys convincing Tyrion Lannister to help him conspire to place an unnamed woman on the Iron Throne – followed immediately by a shot of Daenerys.

In between it all, Jon Snow leads an army out of Castle Black, Ser Jorah is locked in a tense sword duel, Cersei still wants her brother dead, and, of course, the hallmarks of any decent Game of Thrones teaser: dragons and half-naked women.

It’s everything we’ve been waiting for.