Gangnam Style’s Psy Partners with Snoop Dogg [VIDEO]

Viral music star Psy, known for his hit ‘Gangnam Style‘ released a new music video yesterday called ‘Hangover‘, featuring rap star Snoop Dogg.   In slightly over 24 hours, the video has reached almost 15.5 million views.

While this is still an extremely large amount of views, it doesn’t even come close to ‘Gangnam Style’, which is currently at over 2 billion views.

As for my personal opinion on the new song, I do not understand the hype in the slightest.  ‘Gangnam Style’ was at least catchy, the dance allowing listeners to join in and have fun with the song.  ‘Hangover’ is overly repetitive and verges on annoying.  Not to mention the fact that the music video was overall stupid, awkward, and trashy.  It seems that Psy’s only lyric is the word ‘hangover’, the song’s minuscule amount of appeal being saved solely by Snoop Dogg’s presence.

It seems as though Psy is trying to capitalize on what should have been short-lived fame from his first video.

Then again, at almost 15.5 million views in the first day alone, maybe Psy is the smart one to create fortune from his fifteen minutes of fame.  It just says more about what has become of the music industry.

Reading through the comments on the music video, I am not the only person voicing concerns:

“If you Head is boppin to this then you are a victim to the beat.  No need for the lyrics to be sick, just say a word over and over again, then rinse and repeat IT IT IT IT.  This is all you have to do now a days.  Looks like the movie Idiocracy is coming true.”  


“snoop dogg just lost all of his swag in this video.”

nuck chorris

“Snoop what were you thinking?”

Layla uljiah

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