Gaping Security Flaws In TSA Protocol [Video]; Congress Gets Involved

Back in November, pilot Chris Liu documented some seemingly egregious issues with Transportation Security Administration protocols.  He acquired video using his run-of-the-mill cell phone camera and posted these videos to YouTube (video below).

Well, Liu’s idea of getting the word out on these violations seems to be paying off.  On the video, it is clear to see that ground crew members enter and exit secure, or sterile, airport areas without ever passing though any form of screening process.  He wanted to get the word out on these “gaping holes in airport security.”

It appears that Chris Liu will be successful in his efforts.

In what appears to be a rare bi-partisian effort, both sides of the aisle are interested in these videos and setting things straight with the TSA.  After all, millions of dollars are being spent for new technology that will be a moot point if a would-be terrorist is allowed to simply join a ground crew unquestioned.  The subcommittee that is taking up the review is part of the Republican Committee of Oversight and Government Reform.  That same committee controls the TSA.  This question is sure to be one of the first things that the new congress, set to convene early in 2011, will take up as soon as it can.

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