Gas Jumps 7¢/Gal This Week – Summer Gas Prices Expected To Be Higher

Gas Prices have slowly begun to increase across the country, just in time for spring.

It’s almost like they describe the spread of the zombie virus! First signs started in Florida with small changes of just about a cent a gallon over several weeks.  Then boom, this week prices jumped up four cents a gallon in Miami.

Nationally, the average price per gallon is $2.11, which is $.07 higher per gallon than it was last week. The trend is expected to continue. It could rise $.10 to $.15 per gallon by Memorial Day.

According to Josh Carrasco, spokesman for The Auto Club group (AAA),”Oil averaged $4 higher than last week, which put upward pressure on gasoline prices. Even though prices are up nearly 15 cents from a month ago, motorists are still enjoying a 30 cent savings year over year.”

National averages are still much lower than they were the summer of 2014, when national averages where almost $4.00 a gallon. The relief that everyone has experienced at the pumps since then has been welcomed across the country.

How the price of gas will fluctuate further is hard to predict. Crude oil prices have risen $1 a barrel since last week, to $40.36.

There are talks among oil producers throughout the Middle East of freezing production, but they would all have to agree on the terms first. This action would decrease the amount of oil available and further increase gas prices at the pump. However, for now there is no agreement in place, which should steady crude oil prices.

Have you noticed gas price increases in your area? How has it affected your driving habits?

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