My face and I have had the privilege, and spa-like treatment, with Wet Shave Club’s supplemental box of shaving oils, aftershaves, soaps, creams, face washes, and blades. After two very close and refreshing shaves I was amazed and delighted with all these products.

The box had: Edwin Jagger’s Sandalwood shaving cream, Crow & Sparrow Wares Aftershave Tonic, Trig silver edge steel blades, Sudsy Soapery Shave Oil Twice Mint,  Ellingtons shaving soap, and Kale Naturals 3-in-1 wash.

The Sandalwood shaving cream smells great. Not too strong. Feels great on your skin. And gives you a close shave. The Trig blades were perfect and I didn’t cut myself.

I also tried Ellington’s shaving soap (on a second shave) and it was great. Nice, thick lather. Left my skin feeling great afterwards.

I finished my shave with the Crow & Sparrow Wares Aftershave Tonic. It smelled like cedar saffron and again, not too strong. Perfect and subtle.

Wet Shave Club is having a $5 off special right now. Be sure to check out their website.

Let us know if you’re thinking of changing to a wet shave, single blade shave. Enjoy!