To participate in our adshare program, you will need a Google AdSense account.

What Is AdSense?

If you take a look at any of the articles on our site, you will see ads on them. Those are AdSense ads.

When a reader clicks on one of those ads, money is earned by either the writer or CP. How much money a click earns depends on how much the advertiser has bid for that ad to be shown.

Behind the scenes, each ad has an ID on it. either the writer’s ID or an CP ID.

As a journalist here at Consumer Press, your AdSense ID will be placed on the ads in your articles 70% of the time .

Google AdSense pays you directly for the earnings your ads generate.

Please note: Consumer Press is not affiliated nor partnered with Google AdSense. We simply use their program and allow contributing writers to do the same.

Learn more about AdSense here:

AdSense Approval

To be approved for AdSense, Google requires that you own your own website or blog that:

1) meets their quality guidelines and

2) that you can put ads on.

Learn more about applying for AdSense at:

If you are starting from scratch, it does take some work to get an AdSense account. But once you have it, it’s a valuable tool you will be able to use for years to come (assuming you follow their guidelines and rules). You’ll be able to use it here on CP, on your own site, and on other AdSense sharing sites as well.

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