GI Joe: Retaliation – Now On DVD | Review

GI Joe: Retaliation – Now On DVD | Review

Welcome back GI Joe fans and fanatics.

The latest installation of the series is now available on DVD and you, my friends, are capable of going out (yes outside) and getting your very own copy of the movie.

Before doing so though, you might want to know some information about the movie.

Is Channing Tatum back? Yes, he’s back and is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who actually looks like his arms are going to explode.

Something else you might want to know: the movie is amazing and has a tremendous amount of CGI scripting done in it, which only adds to the beauty of the gadgets we’ve all grown to love the GI Joe franchise for.

This high action, high paced and very advanced movie is one of the best action films I’ve seen this year. I’m not only saying that because I’m a huge fan and supporter of the franchise. I’m actually being honest. The movie rocks.

Of course it’s a GI Joe movie, so don’t expect to jump in and understand all the background stories behind the characters if you are unfamiliar with the long story. The movie is understandable for those new to the series.

The movie received some backlash because of the way that the story is written, and also there has been some criticism of the acting.

Personally, I never thought “The Rock” was a good actor, and if you think that he should be, you’re thinking the wrong thing. Dwayne Johnson is placed in films because he’s jacked, can act half decently and doesn’t require a double to perform combat scenes since he’s already trained in the area of hand to hand.

If you think Channing Tatum should be a good actor, once again, you shouldn’t. Tatum is placed in movies for girls to awe over, quite literally, he’s only around for the same reason he was in “Magic Mike”. To get women to come to the theaters and pay money to see him on the big screen.

Aside from some minor acting difficulties, the overall movie is jam packed with action and fight scenes.

The gadgets that are used in the movie are nothing like I have ever seen portrayed in any Sci-Fi action flick either.

There are a lot of things in the movie that make up for the lack of acting talent. For one, Bruce Willis makes an appearance, that should already be enough acting for you to watch the movie. Willis does a very good job with his character, which is only a minor role in the movie.

The movie is great, I enjoyed it and so did the people I watched it with.

I think that anyone who enjoys explosions, loud noises and lots of hand to hand fighting would love this movie. The fight scenes are choreographed very well and the fluidity in the movements of the fighting is excellently executed.

If you’re a fan of anything related to fighting, shooting, blowing stuff up, or Bruce Willis that you’ll enjoy this film without a doubt.