The New York Giants and the Philadelphia Eagles are well-known rivals, with the Giants battling it out on Eagles home field today.

Today’s game was status quo for these teams with flags flying everywhere, penalties every few plays, but also some nasty activities that don’t always result in flags down or penalties.

Things were tough on Michael Vick today when the quarterback apparently broke his hand and had to leave the game.  This injury comes just after Vick suffered a concussion in week 2 of the season.  It is reported that although the Eagles did not announce which of Michael’s hands was injured, it seemed like it was his right – not his throwing hand.

With seconds left before the end of the first half and with a score of 14-10 Giants, the Eagles scored a field goal in the last few seconds, ending the half at 14-13 Giants.

Mike Kafka replaced Vick as quarterback for the second half of the game.

With the Eagles playing without Vick, and despite the capable efforts of Mike Kafka, the Giants pulled it out on the Eagles’ home field, winning the game with a 29–16 score.