Girl Online Review

As someone who has struggled with anxiety for her entire life, I think that this novel did a great job of portraying it to audiences.

Zoë Sugg, known as Zoella, published her first novel titled Girl Online.  It deals with a young girl struggling with anxiety for the first time.

My favorite thing about this novel is the confusion with the protagonist’s first panic attack.  She was confused, unsure what just happened.  She thought that she was the only one and that she was crazy.  That’s how many people with mental illnesses feel, especially anxiety.  They don’t understand it so they suddenly feel like they’re the only one and there is something majorly wrong with them.

At the beginning of this novel, I felt that the writing was fairly simple and amateur.  It seemed to be targeted to a much younger audience: pre-teens.  However, I still found myself wrapped up in the story regardless of the simplistic writing style.

Overall, I would give Girl Online four out of five stars.

What did you all think of the book?  Let us know!

Consumer Expert Meg Thomson

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