GISHWHES (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen) begins again.

Misha Collins, Supernatural star and founder of the charity Random Acts, has officially announced the dates for this year’s intensive scavenger hunt via Twitter.  Registration will open within the next two weeks, and the hunt itself begins August 2nd.  All proceeds from the hunt are donated directly to Random Acts.

GISHWHES is famously known for its immensity, breaking multiple world records with every year’s event.  The items within the scavenger hunt are not like every other scavenger hunt; items are more like tasks, and you are to send in a photo or video proving that you have completed said task for points.  These tasks change every year, but here are a few examples from the last few years:

[IMAGE] A real, full-sized commercial Blimp or hot-air balloon, in the air, that’s been completely covered in brightly colored autumn maple leaves.  299 points (2012)

[IMAGE] There is a quote on a piece of paper stuck to the bottom of a bench in front of a massive LCD screen in Wuhan, China.  Find it and follow directions.  If the note disappears, the points will be deducted rom the last team to submit a link to an image.  52 points (2012)

[IMAGE] You and a friend must take at least 50 of your stuffed animals/dolls on a field trip to a grocery store.  All of the stuffed animals/dolls must EITHER be attached to your clothing or in a grocery cart or both.  63 points (2012)

[VIDEO] Wearing swim flippers and a mask, approach a complete stranger in a public space and then hand them a “seaweed bouquet” with one flower in the middle of it.  82 points (2012)

[IMAGE] Create a portrait of Jensen Ackles entirely out of Skittles doing his pouty “Blue Steel” look.  Must be AT LEAST 2 feet by 2 feet.  38 points (2012) (Click here for photo of Jensen with a portrait)

[IMAGE] A live mouse, as a passenger in Barbie’s car.  22 points (2013)

[IMAGE] (Screencap) Get Jared Padalecki (@jarpad) to compliment Misha Collins (@mishacollins) on Twitter.  The post must include a username from your team.  201 points (2013) (Click here for Jared’s response)

Full 2011 List of Items

Full 2012 List of Items

Full 2013 List of Items

The hunt usually lasts for approximately one week.  Tasks are subject to removal or modification at any time throughout the hunt, forcing participants to remain on their toes.   The winning team each year is offered a large grand prize.  While this year’s prize has not been announced yet, in past years, they have included flying to Europe for a stay with Misha in a haunted castle, and even more.

Further information will be released via Misha Collins’ Twitter or the GISHWHES website.

The hunt officially begins August 2nd, 2014.  Registration will begin within the next 2 weeks.