Every Chevrolet Camaro manufactured since 2010 has been recalled due to ignition issues.

GM announced Friday there is a potential risk of drivers turning off the ignition with their knees, the same issue it saw with its Chevy Cobalts. Only three accidents have been reported in connection with this defect, but Chevy said they would rather act on it now before any other accidents occurred.

Chevy’s solutions to this recall will be to separate the key from the key fob, and will provide keys in the coming weeks. All Camaro sales will also be halted.

GM also announced three other minor recalls:

1. Almost 30,000 Saab 9-3 convertibles from 2004-2011 recalled due to a faulty cable in the driver’s side seat belt tensioner.

2. Over 20,000 2012 Chevy Sonics equipped with a 1.8L engine and 6 speed automatic transmission runs the risk of having the transmission shaft fail.

3. 15,000 2014 Buick Lacrosse sedan has faulty wiring in the driver’s side door which may corrode, allowing the windows and sunroof to be operated without the key on.

If you own any of the models affected by the recall, GM advises you call your local GM dealer and arrange to have these issues corrected. Recalls are repaired at no cost to the owner.

Do you own any of the cars affected? Do you see this as a hassle, or are you glad GM is fixing the issue before further injuries occur? Comment below!