GOG.com (Good Old Games) has announced in a lengthy blog post that it will be reverting to its Fair Price policy and abandoning a very unpopular move to bring lower prices in some regions while ignoring others.

GOG has stated that it remains committed to offering DRM-free games to its customers but will not be offer those games at steep discounts at the expense of customers in other regions.

This means that a game sold for $5 in the US would cost the equivalent amount in the UK.

The policy is called worldwide flat pricing and indicates that there will no longer be sale prices that apply only to one region unless the same sale price also applies worldwide.

The website admits that it is not always possible to offer a worldwide flat rate because of requirements from game developers and publishers.

In such a circumstance, GOG will be offering the difference in pricing out of their own pocket in the form of $5.99 or $9.99 game codes as an interim step as they implement a new system to handle the conversion.

Once the system is in place, GOG will be offering store credit instead so customers can use those credits to reduce the cost of any game they like.

GOG also announced it intends to offer games in the local currency of its customers to make their prices easier to relate to while maintaining its worldwide flat rate.

Customers will be able to choose between seeing the price in their local currency or to view the price in USD whilst paying the equivalent value in their local funds on checkout.

Finally, GOG is offering to meet customers concerns in person at GDC in San Francisco today, March 17th or during an online event that will be held in April. Details haven’t been announced as of publishing.

What do you think of GOG’s new (old) policy? Are you disappointed that sales might not be as good?

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