Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone!

Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! comes out later this month along with the first book  in the Good Crooks series, Missing Monkey.

After successfully getting the monkey back to the zoo in the last book, Billy and Jillian decide to continue doing covert good deeds.

This time they hold a bake sale to raise money for their local animal shelter.

They are just about to drop off the cash when their parents catch up to them.

Mr. and Mrs. Crook think that Billy and Jillian are going to steal a dog from the shelter.

They, of course, disapprove. Why steal a mutt when you can steal a high end expensive dog?

They end up taking a poodle (who happens to be a famous TV show dog) from a pet salon.

Mr. and Mrs. Crook plan on holding the dog for ransom but Billy and Jillian have other plans.

After several failed attempts, they finally succeed in scaring their parents off from the ransom drop and getting the dog back to its owner.

Spoiler Alert!

Billy and Jillian also discover that they may have been stolen from the hospital when they were babies.

Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! is similar in structure to book one, it is easy to read and geared towards 7-10 year old children.

It also contains activities in the back of the book, including ideas for helping out local animal shelters.

Good Crooks Book Two: Dog Gone! comes out on February 25th and the hardcover is listed on Amazon for $11.39 while the paperback is listed at $4.49.

Both book one and book two are available for pre-order.

I received a digital copy of this book through NetGalley and Egmont in exchange for and honest review.

Shelter dog or purebred? Which one would you choose?

Did you ever hold a bake sale or run a lemonade stand as a kid?

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