On the 10th year anniversary of Google AdWords, Wpromote joins in the celebration. When Mike Mothner started Wpromote, Inc. 10 years ago in his Dartmouth College dorm room, he surely had no idea that it would soon become the world’s largest search marketing firm.

Mothner’s first company was founded when he was still in middle school, and from there he veritably catapulted into the internet marketing world. By the time he was 20 years old he was already a presence in the web design and domain community.

When Google AdWords launched, Mothner purchased the Wpromote.com domain as a way to help companies increase their internet presence with the use of pa-per-click advertising.

“It was a lucrative hobby at the time,” Mothner stated.

As a senior at Dartmouth, Mothner reportedly became a promising candidate for recruitmant at Goldman Sachs of New York. Allegedly, the interviewer noticed Wpromote on the resume, where it was claimed to be a “successful venture.” When asked why he would want to work at GS after such a success, Mothner said he had an epiphany:

“…and I said ‘I think that’s a good point. This is probably not the place for me.’ After turning down Goldman, the wheels were set in motion.”

Mothner quickly revamped the business, started an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) department, and now, ten years later, Wpromote has officially been named the #1 Search Marketing Firm on the Inc 500.