Greenlight has reported that Google’s Instant Preview is here to stay, but they go further in predicting that both Google and Bing will release app searches before 2012. Also predicted is a huge growth in the pay-per-click industry thus “pulling away from the search engine domain to advertisers such as ebay and Amazon.”

They fully expect the Yahoo “Rich ads in Search” test to succeed, which puts Google in the design hot seat.

The Greenlight top 10 predictions for paid and natural search in 2011 are:

1. The Google and Bing app search prediction. Smartphone buyers like the app search concept more than Google. In order for Google to maintain their market, they have to expand into the app market. Gaining some market share while predictably losing some of the customers who are not drawn to apps could create a mine field for Google to cross.

2. Display marketing with mirrors, similar to Google’s Double Click program, has possibilities for taking off.

3. Ad Exchanges are revolutionizing Internet marketing. A new concept that is being successful so far may keep search engine companies interested in increasing the value of investing in its growth.

4. Yahoo’s “Rich Ads in Search” model “will take off”.  RAIS intend to get their audience through the use of images. Yahoo is very excited about RAIS and predicts it will be very successful.

5.  It is also expected that the CTR’s concept  (CTR’s) will increase significantly.  “It aims to take back some of the control/brand visibility lost from affiliates and competitors.

6. The CPC or cost per click model is also being very successful and predicted to continue to gain ground. Again, this concept is pulling away from the large companies like ebay or Amazon.

7. Also predicted to gain ground is Google’s Ad Review model. Although it presents mostly graphics at the present, designers are working to provide text in the ads as well.

8. Pre-targeting, Re-targeting and Re-marketing is predicted to expand. This allows companies to re-target old customers and re-connect with them, thus maintaining a long term relationship instead of losing customers who click on other sites when “surfing”.

9. Quick Response Codes (QR’s) are taking over. Most companies fail miserably with their keyword strategy and the use of “see widgets below” can allow the business keep the customers interest.

10. Google used Comparison Ads in the UK in 2010 and targeted it to Finance. It is predicted they will expand that program and perhaps add Travel. Users were able to set a “target cost per acquisition” and not have to worry about the influx of competitors and keyword strategy. It should be reported that Greenfield is concerned that Google could be “shooting itself in the foot” with this model.