Google Buying Motorola Mobility: How Will It Affect You?

Google’s acquiring of Motorola Mobility may be one of the biggest tech news items of the year! It’s that big a gamechanger! This whole month was full of iPhone and Apple rumors all over the tech blogs. But today is a busy day for the tech reporters.

The official news so far… Google and Motorola Mobility have announced a definitive agreement for Google to acquire Motorola Mobility for a total of around $12.5 billion, or $40 per share.

As the Google Blog title says, “Supercharging Android”, this is the goal Google has in making this move. In their blog, they also mentioned the “80 years of innovation” and “development of intellectual property” which may be the main reason of this huge deal. In the later part of the blog they talked about the ‘anti-competitive patent attacks’ of companies like Microsoft and Apple, and how this deal will make Google stronger in this game.

Google also promised that they are not going to close down Android and it will remain as an open platform. Motorola business will run separately and Google will continue working with all the other manufacturers. So on the consumer level, this would indicate that there will not be any immediate changes. Motorola Mobility’s business was not going too well these last few years and this could be a highly beneficial deal for them. Long term, we may see more “supercharged phones” coming out of a combined Google/Motorola Mobility.

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