Google Chrome will add a new feature called Safe Browsing, a tool designed to automatically flag shady websites and malicious software downloads.

The update will take effect next week.

Chrome users will see a warning every time there is an attempt to deceive you to download and install a harmful or intrusive software.

However, it is still entirely up to the user to go ahead or cancel the download. There is an option to dismiss Google Chrome’s warning if you wish to do so.

Google has revealed they are currently getting more than 3 million malware warnings per week. The number is expected to rise for they plan to roll out this feature for other browsers to use.

Malicious programs are more creative and harder to detect these days. They range from simple programs designed to change your default homepage to something that can cause your computer to crash. The best advice is simply to download from trusted sites you know.

Remember, Safe Browsing is only an added security to block malwares.

It is still strongly advised to use the most recent anti-virus and anti-malware software to protect your computer and your online identity.