You could soon be offered the option to call a doctor or computer technician the next time you do a Google search on that pain you feel in your knee or the strange clicking sounds you hear in your PC.

The Guardian ran a report on how Jason Houle, a web developer, noted that a video chat session with a doctor was offered after running a Google search on knee pain.

He then took a screenshot and shared it on social networking site Reddit.

Such a service is nothing new, with Google Helpouts using the power of the ‘net to connect consumers and experts for nearly a year now.

What is new, however, is how Google is integrating a “call an expert” link on search pages.

Google has mentioned that a trial phase is being run for users in California and Massachusetts, with Google footing the consultation fees during the trial period.

If this pushes through, then this will be immensely helpful for folks that are more comfortable speaking to the expert advice of a professional than sifting through tons and tons of data that can be difficult to understand at first glance.

Imagine doing a Google search on a problem you are currently experiencing, then being matched up to a professional vetted by Google who you will then consult with regarding the aforementioned problem you were doing a search on.

Only time will tell, however, what Google will ultimately do with this promising mash-up of its existing services.

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