Google has released Person Finder in Japan following the destructive 8.9 magnitude earthquake and the following tsunami caused by the shockwaves.

The Person Finder tool can allow users to search for friends and family in the area that was destroyed by the disaster. It is available in both English and Japanese at the present time, and users can either look for information on someone they know by entering the person’s name or parts of their name, or they can report information by entering in the name of a family or individual to create a data entry.

According to Google, all of the information is freely available to anyone who wishes to use it. They are not filtering or reviewing the data at this time.

The first version of Google Person Finder was engineered after the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010. It was subsequently used on February 22 after a 6.3 magnitude quake hit New Zealand.

An API feature allows anybody with web access to contribute to or receive information from the growing database. It is also available as an embeddable gadget for websites. Google Person Finder.