For the moment, at least, Google+ (plus) is open for joining.

It still requires an invite, but for those with one, the dreaded ‘were currently full’ type message we have been seeing for days has given way to a form for updating the public profile and a ‘join’ button.

Google+ launched on June 28th for beta testing and was quickly inundated. The new social networking site will compete with Facebook, and has several features that many have found lacking in Facebook. We reported on the  features a few days ago here.

Google+ launched on an invitation only basis, but even so, due to ‘high demand’, it was soon closed to new sign ups. This evening about 7pm US Eastern Standard Time we found it to be open and several accounts were able to be created by our staff. Though we had signed up through Google to be notified when it reopened, we have not received any notifications.

Some of the invites we used where bought through a seller on eBay. Here’s our report on the ability to purchase Google+ invites through eBay. The invites were bought for 99 cents, and it took several days and several emails to the seller, who, according to him, triggered the invites several times, before we finally received them. It does appear to have been a good business opportunity for the seller, as eBay currently reports that he has sold over 3200 invites at 99 cents each. Not bad for a week’s work – but if our experience is any indication – it came with a lot of headaches.