Google has released its Google Maps 7.6 update, which makes navigating with the app easier and faster, according to G Arena.

The update packs a slew of new features intended to make Google Maps more comprehensive and detailed, which the company hopes will increase the app’s popularity among users and businesses.

 Updates to Offers and Transit Modes

Google Offers are now set to be much more effective. According to GSM Arena, “In the update, ‘Your Offers’ interface has been improved to allow for filtering out active offers in the area from offers you’ve already used or that have expired.”

Users will now be able to sort offers by location, business name, and by their start and expiration dates. Offers are now categorized between active ones and those that have expired, making it easier to sort and locate upcoming deals quickly.

The ability to compare destination routes has also been added. Previously, users were restricted to choosing a single route at a time. The new Preferred Transit Modes feature enables users to select multiple routes at the same time and determine which of them offers the fastest and most convenient route to their destination. As a result, comparing travel time has become much easier.

New Domains Added

A new set of domains has also been added under the hood that enable users to automatically open the Maps application when they click on a maps link as opposed to opening via the web browser. No longer will users have to switch between the browser and the Maps application, making it that much more convenient to have the app installed on their mobile devices.

Over the years, the Maps tool has evolved to include more features for handheld devices. Last year, Google released a major update to its Maps tool that enabled users to access features that were previously only available to desktop users. The new 7.6 update continues this trend, now allowing users to select the option to “avoid ferries” when in driving mode. Expect to see more features as more people adopt mobile phones as their primary screen to access the Internet.

The update is available for download on Google Play.

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