Google Moto X To Be Unveiled On August 1

Google Moto X To Be Unveiled On August 1

It is no secret that Google Inc bought Motorola and paid $12.5 billion for it. Soon we will see if the move was a good one for Google.

It was announced that the highly anticipated Google Moto X smartphone will be launched at a special event in New York City on August 1.

On Friday, email invitations were sent out highlighting “Moto X” in bold letters – so there is no doubt this is what the event is all about.

While Apple tries to keep everything a secret and never actually tells us what will be launched, Google is taking the direct approach, one that is very much needed at the moment.

Moto X marks the first smartphone manufactured by the now Google Motorola division. If you follow tech news, you’re already aware of the fact that Motorola has lost market share in favor of Samsung and Apple.

Motorola had second quarter loses of $342 million this year, a really big chip in Google’s overall profit, so Moto X needs a strong launch.

The new Moto X smartphone will be built in USA. This was announced by Dennis Woodside, Motorola CEO, at AllThingsD.

This might mean there’ll be a big price tag on the smartphone, something that might affect it’s launch success.

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