Google Glass has announced it will join forces with Luxottica (LUX) to make them more accessible to consumers by integrating them with LUX‘s established brands.

Luxottica is a powerhouse in the world of eyeglasses; their brands include: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Persol, and Oliver Peoples.

Google Glass has experienced a lot of backlash in recent weeks due to privacy issues.

Glass is currently being tested by consumers in small markets and costs about $1,500.

Many have complained that you can not tell when Glass is taking pictures or recording, even though there is a red light to indicate that it is on.

This has led to Glass being banned from certain establishments to insure customer privacy.

In response Google sent e-mails out listing proper Glass etiquette, but  many still doubt the marketability of the product.

This deal with LUX, in the midst of all this controversy, will put developers at ease about Google’s ability to reach consumers.

LUX  has over 7,000 retail outlets, which will help Google get the product into the hands of mainstream America.

It is Google’s hope that Glass will change how consumers interact with their devices and revolutionize the market.

Prices and release dates weren’t disclosed yet, nor were the exact terms of the deal.

Consumer Press will continue to update you on this ongoing story.