Google’s Liftware Spoon Cancels Parkinsonian Tremors, On Sale Now

Google has released the Liftware Spoon, a godsend for a lot of people suffering from essential tremor or Parkinsonian hand tremors.

Google purchased the company that manufactures them. At present, the product is only available for purchase at the website

The Liftware Spoon consists of a non-waterproof stabilizer handle unit to which a washable soup spoon, standard spoon, or fork is attached.

The stabilizer contains technology that cancels the user’s movement or tremors by 76%. That is, when the hand moves down, the stabilizer moves the hand up; when the hand moves up, the stabilizer moves down.

An email testimonial the company received reads, “I had Chinese food yesterday and as usual with a regular spoon, it went all over unless I used two hands to hold it. Today I brought the spoon to work and am now eating my leftovers with one hand and not one piece falling all over the place. This is absolutely incredible.“

To see real users, and the intensity of their “before and after” tremors while eating, you can view a video report from NBC News, Utensils Help Steady Tremors.

Pricing is as follows:

Liftware Stabilizer With Soup Spoon Attachment* – $ 295.00
Liftware Fork Attachment – $ 19.95
Liftware Everyday Spoon Attachment – $ 19.95
Liftware Soup Spoon Attachment – $ 19.95. This is the same Soup Spoon that comes with the $295 Stabilizer set.

Orders are shipped within 2 business days of placement, according to the company. Shipping is free in the U.S. The product can also be shipped to Europe and Australia for $40-$50.

The set comes with a USB cable and a dual-voltage power adapter (110/220 V) that plugs into a North American wall plug. The stabilizer recharges in about 3 hours and each charge lasts through 3-6 meals, about a day.

Getting Started with the Liftware Spoon provides you with a quick tutorial on the product and attachments.

The company says that the $295 price of the Stabilizer averages out to 27 cents per meal for the first year. At 3 meals a day, that works out to less than $1 a day.

Currently, Medicare does not pay for this equipment. If you are a Veteran, your may be eeligibleto receive the product under your Veteran benefits package.

According to, the company is working on ways to assist those who can not afford a Liftware Spoon. They  encourage those who need help, or wish to help others, to contact them at:

Maybe this could be a holiday gift to your loved one? This product is like eye glasses for the nearsighted, or a walking stick for the unsteady. It restores significant function to a person impaired by a condition, and looks like a must-have purchase.

Do you know someone suffering from tremors that might appreciate the Liftware utensils?

Tell us what you think about this innovation.

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