James Gordon starts his new job at Arkham on the wrong foot, as one of the other security guards is murdered and the director forbids him from investigating the matter. In addition, Gordon meets the lovely Doctor Leslie Thompkins and Selina spends time with Ivy.

One of the highlights of the episode was seeing Bullock actually be glad to be called in to investigate Arkham and see James again. These two have come a long way from their early friction, and seeing them work together to solve the case and foil the incompetent director was fun.

Penguin’s hubris actually proves to be his undoing as he is arrested by Maroni’s cops after he tries to tax some fisherman. Even though one of this show’s biggest draws is Penguin’s climb to power, it is refreshing to see his vulnerability and weakness, much like in the comics. His growing resentment of Maroni should play a larger part in the mafia conflict.

The subplots with Barbara and Butch were rather pointless and dragged the episode down. The absence of young Bruce was noticeable, and very jarring after his large role in “Lovecraft”.

The initial reveal of the culprit being the nurse was a bit predictable, and her backstory as an actual inmate creates a few plot holes. However, the larger reveal of Jack Gruber as the mastermind was more shocking, and it does create some greater intrigue for the next episode. It will be also interesting to see if he ends up becoming the show’s version of the Batman villain Electrocutioner, with his bodyguard being Aaron Helzinger AKA Amygdala.

Overall, this episode was entertaining, but nothing too great. It seems like it will act as set up for larger stories down the line.

What did you think of this episode? Did you think it was a worthy start of the second half of the season?

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