Gotham “Lovecraft” Review & Recap

Gotham’s mid-season finale, “Lovecraft”, culminates most of the major plot points of the season in an exciting manner, while opening up an intriguing new storyline for the second half of the season.

A group of assassins compromises the safety of Wayne Manor as they try to kill Selina for her role as the witness of the Wayne murders. Bruce and Selina run away while Alfred fights and holds the pursuers back.

Alfred works with Gordon and Bullock to solve this problem. Bullock and Alfred investigate the whereabouts of the children, and are eventually forced to ask a favor from Fish Mooney .

Gordon and Bullock go after Dick Lovecraft, who is believed to have masterminded the Wayne murders. To Gordon’s surprise, Lovecraft is just a pawn to a larger scheme, and is soon killed by the same assassins.

Bruce and Selina hide around Gotham’s slums and try to meet up with one of Selina’s associates. However, the associate betrays the children and sells them out to the assassins.

The kids manage to escape while Gordon, Bullock, and Alfred burst in to save them. Bruce stays behind and reunites with Alfred as Selina flees the scene.

Gordon is punished by the mayor for letting Lovecraft die by being forced to work as a security guard at Arkham Asylum, while Selina visits Bruce and kisses him.

While this episode did not hold major reveals, it did put a dent on Gordon’s investigation and changed his status quo. Many of the plot threads and previous characters came together while weaving a new arc for the rest of the season. Gordon’s future interactions with Arkham’s inmates and staff are promising.

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