Gordon scrambles to take down The Ogre after finding out the killer is targeting those he loves. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina continue to investigate the corrupt board members of Wayne Enterprises and Eddie enacts revenge against an abusive cop.

Spoilers ahead!

Gordon and Bullock’s investigation against the Ogre continues, and despite some bold moves from the former to take down the killer, the villain is just not interesting enough to feature throughout three episodes.

The show has also failed to make Barbara into a compelling character, so it’s hard to feel the tension or interest when the Ogre targets her. Bullock is also barely involved, and it’s disappointing to see how the show has stopped paying any attention to him.

Bruce and Selina’s subplot continues to be the most interesting part of the arc. Bruce’s disgust of murder is appropriately addressed. While Selina killing Reggie might have been a bit shocking, it’s not really out of character for her, and her comic book incarnation has been pushed to murder under extreme circumstances. Their undercover “date” was cute, and it was fit seamlessly into the main plot.

Equally as interesting was Eddie’s vendetta against the violent thug that is abusing his love interest. He continues to embrace some of his darker aspects as he stabs him to death, but it was somewhat disappointing that his motif as the Riddler wasn’t used for it.

Penguin also embraces his murderous edge when Maroni harasses him in front of his mother. Both of these are stories are a refreshing change of pace after the bizarre, unnecessary adventure with Fish Mooney.

“Under the Knife” continues a meandering story arc that does little for the characters of Gordon and Bullock, only being supported by the much more interesting sideplots that Bruce, Selina, Eddie, and Penguin engage in.

The show really needs to take Gordon’s attention to the brewing gang war, as this serial killer hunt fails to engage.

What did you think of this episode? Particularly, what did you think of Nygma’s start of darkness?

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