Graduation Gifts Under $30

It’s that season again: Graduation season.

Inevitably you will be invited to either one or dozens of high school graduation parties. Some will be closer friend and others distance relatives. And obviously you want to celebrate the occasion, but you also don’t want to break the bank.

Here are some quick tips on great and inexpensive gifts for the graduate in your life.

iTunes Gift Card

Sure, it is not going to help them take the next step in their life … or will it? Of course they can use that money to buy music and games, but they can also use it to buy books for school to further their education.

Male: Interview Ties

Ties can be expensive and knowing what is in style can be even harder. Look no further than Combatant Gentleman which offers a great line of in-style ties and free shipping!


No longer is there a need for a Bose sound system (even if it does sound great!). With the proliferation of iPhones, all you need is a portable bullhorn to make iPhones present sound for the entire room. Check out CWonder.


This one could be touch-and-go, but people still do write with pen and paper. If the graduate is creative or into technology, they definitely still write down ideas and thoughts. Consider a pack of awesome creative books like these.

Graduation doesn’t have to break the bank. What are your ideas?

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