Grand Theft Auto V Expected To Be A Huge Sales Success

Grand Theft Auto V Expected To Be A Huge Sales Success

A long time passed since a game was as expected as GTA V.

The only one that is similar is The Last of Us and the soon to appear Watch Dogs.

Even with such tough competition, the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is expected to be a huge success, higher than what anyone expected.

According to Colin Sebastian, GTA V will sell better than GTA IV. He declared:

Given the significantly higher installed base of relevant console platforms at launch, greater sales concentration among the top video game franchises, and unprecedented pentup demand, “we expect GTA 5 to outpace GTA 4 sales, and generate roughly $1 billion in retail sales during the first month.

Take Two predicted that the software lineup will generate sales of around 800 million dollars for the financial quarter but Stern Agee’s Brett Strauser and Arvind Bhatia disagree.

According to their analyis, the game will sell 400 million dollars in the first day and that would bring up expected earnings of up to 2 billion dollars by March 2014 for all Take Two products.

GTA V is one of the few games ever that gained a 10 out of 10 review on IGN.

Let us know what you think of GTA V, a game that is expected by so many. While we have to wait to see if the analysts are correct, the entire internet is buzzing at the moment and hundreds of thousands of people wait for their game as you read these lines.

According to CBS News, GTA V copies were already shipped on Saturday to some buyers in UK. This is ahead of today’s official release date.

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