Green Card Lottery – Today’s Is D-Day After First Results Voided

Today over 14 million people around the world await the final decision about the State Department’s Diversity Visa Lottery, otherwise known as the Green Card Lottery. This program gives an opportunity for potential immigrants to get a visa even without a sponsor, an employer or a family member residing in the US. The State Department will make the results available tomorrow.

In May this year the results of the selection were cancelled due to a computer gltich. The State Department announced that the computer selected winners unfairly because only those who had applied within the first two days were selected. The application period is 30 days long.

After the first results were voided, a number of potential immigrants took the state deparment to court to force a reversal of the decision. Unfortunately, they lost the case. And now they hope that lightening will strike twice.

The Green Card Lottery, although a beacon of hope for many people worldwide, is unknown to most Americans. 50,000 visas are awarded annualy through this program.

With high unemployment and a struggling economy, critics are questioning whether continuing the program is beneficial for Americans. With terrorist threats and online security risks plaguing the nation, critics may succeed in their fight to discontinue this program.

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