Groupon Cancels Jeffery Dahmer Tour Deal

Groupon has cancelled a deal that featured a walk in Jeffery Dahmer’s steps, retracing the paths the serial killer and cannibal took in picking out his victims.

The walking tour through the streets of Milwaukee is provided by a company called Bam Media. The stroll included stops at the buildings that housed the gay bars where Dahmer stalked his victims. The serial killer admitted to killing 17 men, mutilating and cannibalizing some, before he was himself murdered by another inmate in 1994.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said there were six people on the first tour, and about a dozen protestors. The protestors included Janie Hagen, whose brother was one of those killed by Dahmer, called the tour evil, and said “If they are going to make a buck, it’s blood money.”

The tour was advertised on Groupon. “Give yourself the creeps with this Groupon,” it read. It went on to say guests would go “through the grisly corridors of Jeffrey Dahmer’s life and killing spree as they (tour guides) narrate the triggers of his psychosis and the heinous crimes he committed.”

The Groupon deal was $25 for two tour tickets, normally a $60 purchase.

Groupon pulled the deal after complaints, and said that only 15 people purchased the deal. The tour company said the tours will continue despite protests and complaints. The tours are scheduled for each Saturday and will run through June 30.

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