Groupon Freebies – Thousands of New Coupons

Groupon Freebies – Thousands of New Coupons

It’s Totally Free(ish)!

Groupon, the incredibly popular deal-a-day crowd sourcing website, has recently rolled out a brand new feature they are calling  Groupon “Freebies”.

The new Freebies feature, according to Groupon, is “new territory for [them]” and is a huge departure from the original “concept” from which the website was founded.

How Does Groupon Work ?

For those of you who may not know, Groupon works by gathering an enormous amount of shoppers together, and getting them to commit to buying a product for an absurdly discounted price.

If they (Groupon) are able to attract the predefined number of “buyers”, all of the shoppers who have committed to the product will receive the item at the discounted rate.

If they are unable to attract the minimum number of customers needed, within the allotted time period, the deal is then deactivated.

The great thing about the Groupon system is that shoppers are not charged for an item unless the required minimum (number is buyers) is achieved. This ensures that Groupon shoppers are not forcibly committed to buying a product at a price that they did not agree to (i.e. the undiscounted price ).

What is Different About Freebies?

Groupon “Freebies”, on the other hand, work much more like the traditional couponing system than the process that was described above. The Groupon  Freebies page is updated daily with a substantial amount of coupons, from a wide array of both online and physical retail establishments (Macy’s, American Eagle, Best Buy).

The Freebies section works by offering a daily list of “digital coupons” which,  in actuality, consists of special links to the retailers site; resulting in a discount at checkout, or a promotional code; entered either before or during the checkout process.

On a side note, one thing that I noticed, and also found quite strange, was the fact that  none of the items listed in the “Freebies” were actually free. Ironic, huh?

All in all, the “Freebies” page is a great place to find some amazing deals for the brands that you actually care about. Check it out by visiting the Groupon website and visiting the Freebies section.

Have you ever used Groupon before?

What do you think of the new “Freebies” section?

Please tell us in the comments section below.

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