GTA-VAccording to a report published on, GTA 5 is all set for a Spring 2013 release.

The Spring 2013 release date rumors are based on leaked images of European pre-order posters suggesting that the game will be releasing between March and May next year.

This news has not been confirmed by Rockstar Games or Take Two Interactive, hence the launch date remains purely a speculation.

A Spring release does seem to be a realistic release date for GTA 5. A ‘first look’ was recently released to the media. This news has not come as any surprise to GTA fans around the world, as there have been rumors circulating that specified March as the release month for GTA 5.

GTA 5 is highly anticipated by gamers, mostly due to the realistic graphics that were revealed through the screen shots released by Rockstar Games. The screen shots and the trailer for GTA 5 have shown some fascinating action sequences, beautiful landscapes and, from the looks of it, a very expansive city.

As reported earlier, fans will be getting some details about the game in December, courtesy of Game Informer, who is doing a cover story on GTA 5 for their magazine.

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