Looking back at the number of screen shots released by Rockstar studios for Grand Theft Auto 5, it was rumored that this game is being held up to coordinate a release with the next generation consoles, Xbox 720 and PS 4.

These rumours and speculations were generated due to the high graphics quality showcased in the screen shots, thus making GTA 5 look very advanced when compared to GTA 4.

But according to product-reviews.net, Grand Theft Auto 5 will launch first on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Fans are likely to see a brand new enhanced version for the next gen consoles, which is likely to be released in early 2014. Regarding the release date the site also speculated, “things are starting to hot up with their promotion campaign. This would be the perfect time to start marketing with a release date before April 2013, and obviously on this generation of console. It’s too late to release GTA 5 before Christmas”.

Regarding the development of the game there have been reports of Rockstar studios working with staff from “Red Dead Redemption” and “Mafia 2” to make the next installment of GTA better than ever before. This might be the cause of delay in the release of the game. Plenty of efforts are being taken in terms of development and marketing on Rockstar’s end to make sure that GTA 5 is a success. The constant release of screen shots have further added fuel to fire about the impending announcement for the release date.

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