Having appeared in theaters last Friday, Marvel’s latest movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” has already been hailed by fans as the best movie of the summer, and the best Marvel movie yet!

With plenty of jokes, chase scenes, and action, movie fans are eating up the latest movie from the Marvel franchise, and getting excited about what’s to come! Guardians is probably the funniest Marvel movie so far, giving it an atmosphere that is often missing in the more serious films.

Similarly, the plot is fast-paced and well-written in a way that is sure to please any superhero fan or casual movie goer alike!

The music is also packed with oldies and classic songs that are also enjoyable to listen to.

Visually, the effects are stunning. The look and tone of the scenes captures the film perfectly, and just artistically the movie is gorgeous.

Fans have been asking for ages for characters such as Gamora, Groot, and Drax to be immortalized on the big screen, and they are finally getting their wish. The plot allows these characters to stand alone, there are only brief cameos tying them to the rest of the franchise, but there will probably be a movie combining them to the Avengers soon.

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