Guild Wars 2 will appear on Tuesday but you can pre-order it and, starting today, you gain access to the special Head Start Program. This means that every single person that pre-ordered the MMO can now start to play the game, ahead of all others that wait for the official release date.

Guild Wars 2 appears as a follow up to the widely successful Guild Wars game, launched in 2005. The developers made many modifications and now the game is a lot more accessible to average video gamers. The developer boast is that the game stands out as “a breath of fresh air” when compared with all the other MMOs.

Contrary to speculation, Guild Wars 2 remains free to play and you do not have to pay monthly fees. The game will cost a minimum of $59.99 based on what version is purchased and after that you can play for life. Matt Turetzky, publishing executive vice president for NCsoft, declared:

“Free-to-play is growing as subscriptions go down. Customers in the West are accustomed to new business models through mobile games. With all the alternatives out there, and the reduced barriers to entry in the market, we’re seeing a forced shift to alternative business models.”

Guild Wars 2 can be ordered and gamers can start playing right now. The game will be huge as it is the first MMO that includes social aspects. For instance, actions that you take inside the game can change its world forever and for all the other players.

Watch the Guild Wars 2 trailer below and leave your comments below!