Gulf Spill Still A Disaster To Areas Hit

Gulf Disaster Continues To Hurt Local Residents


BP has managed to get the oil spill under control in recent days and hopefully has put an end to the enormous amounts of crude oil being poured into the Gulf. But the disaster is far from over. While many are thrilled with the progress, those affected know that this is but a small step in what will be a long recovery from the catastrophe.According to former Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen, who is the Obama administration’s man for the disaster, the fact that people are not returning to the panhandle area only reiterates that it is still a disaster.

The latest reports show the vast improvement in the situation by detailing that three fourths of the crude oil has been cleaned up. But that isn’t the end of the game for those working diligently to resolve the crisis. Allen pointed out that this will continue to be a catastrophe for those in the Gulf until the job is done. 

The White House environmental adviser Carol Browner was quoted as saying that although the first phase was over, it was in no way the end. 

On April 20, the world’s largest environmental catastrophe took place when the drilling rig exploded, taking 11 lives, and causing the deep sea well to erupt. On July 15, a temporary cap finally stopped the flow. More than  4.9 million barrels had gushed into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The last phase of the well repair is a relief well that will seal it permanently. Completion of this is anticipated for August  13 – August 15. 

It’s been a long road for many areas along the coast, with tourism and fishing hit hard, as well as damage to the local enviroment.  There is still oil washing ashore in some places.

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