Colton Tooley

The campus of the University of Texas (UT) at Austin went under lockdown Tuesday, when a student in a dark suit and ski mask opened fire with an AK47.  The shooting started at a fountain in front of the UT Tower, which has been the site of a previous deadly shooting, and ended in the library when he took his own life.

Only the gunman died in the incident.

The gunman was later identified as Colton Tooley, a 19 year old sophomore who majored in math. His motives are still unknown.

Family and those who knew Tooley express their disbelief that he could harm anyone, and their grief at having lost him so tragically.

Many eyewitnesses said Tooley had ample opportunity to shoot people and did not do so, instead shooting into the air and at buildings. It is unknown whether he was targeting anyone with the rifle.

The school credits its crisis management plan and social networking with the quick results in locking down the school. Classes resumed under a normal schedule on Wednesday.