With cars becoming more and more like drivable computers, security experts will compete for a $10,000 prize next week.

The car in question: a Tesla Model S – the car designed by Elon Musk and already boasting a sterling reputation for security.

To participate, you need to register for the SyScan conference in Beijing running from July 16 -17. Computers will be provided, along with the Tesla.

Organizers are not revealing many of the rules, but some examples of what they believe the winner may be able to do are controlling the Tesla from a PC or making the in-dash browser visit specified websites.

It must be said, Tesla Motors are not directly involved in the competition. There is a hope though, that the findings of the participants will be shared with the manufacturer.

Last year, DARPA-funded researchers were successful in hacking into Ford and Toyota vehicles and were able to activate the brakes and turn the steering wheel. That is scary, and the SyScan competition is designed to bring attention to this problem and protect future vehicles.

Let us know how you feel about the safety of your future car. Do you have the skills to win this competition?