Haley Joel Osment’s film career is back from the dead, it seems, and this time, he is bringing monsters with him.

Everyone remembers Haley Joel Osment most clearly from his amazing performance twelve years ago in The Sixth Sense, when his “I see dead people” line became a normal part of American phraseology. After that, he did some notable work in Pay it Forward and AI: Artificial Intelligence and a few other films, but he exited the spotlight after that, to pass his teen years in relative obscurity. He did have a brush with the law in 2006 for a single-vehicle car accident, where he was convicted of driving drunk and possession of drugs. After paying a fine, attending AA meetings and doing community service, Osment kept his nose clean. He did voice-over parts for video games and animated films and worked on his college degree from the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, from which he graduated in 2010.

In 2008, Osment returned to the entertainment industry by way of Broadway, in the stage adaptation of American Buffalo. He has signed on to a leading role in an upcoming film called Sex Ed, but his big break back into cinema will be his starring role in Wake the Dead, which will begin production later this year.

Wake the Dead is a modern reboot of Mary Shelley’s immortal classic, Frankenstein. Shelley’s horror novel has been reinterpreted dozens of times, but Wake the Dead is based on a graphic novel series based on Frankenstein by Steven Niles. Haley Joel Osment is slated to play the lead character, Victor Franklin, a med school student who toys with the limits of human death.

Osment’s keynote role so far has been the preternaturally mature and chilling child he played in The Sixth Sense with such skill and sophistication. Now, he will be returning to play a character much more mature and sinister, and it can only be hoped that he can convey a bit of what entranced moviegoers more than a decade ago into his newest role.