A half million bassinets from the Burlington Basket Company are being recalled because of the possibility of collapse. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced the recall earlier today.

The legs on the recalled bassinets have crossbracing rails. If not properly locked into position the bassinets can collapse, with the infant falling to the floor, or falling inside of the collapsing bassinets, and suffering injuries

According to the announcement, the CPSC and the Burlington Basket Company received a total of 10 incident reports in which the bassinet’s folding legs were not locked into place. Two of these incidents resulted in the infants receiving minor injuries. A bruise on the head, and a bruised shoulder.

The bassinets were sold through a variety of majors retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, and other department and juvenile product stores.  The bassinets were made in the US, cost approximately $50, and were sold from January of 2003 until August of 2010.

The bassinets affected by the recall have folding legs attached to the basket with small white pins. Bassinets without folding legs are not included in this recall.

The CPSC says that consumers should stop using the bassinets and check to make sure the crossbracing support rails are in the locked position. ” …the end tabs must be fully inserted into the holes on the leg assembly and twisted one quarter turn into the locked position,” according to the CPSC.

Consumers are not asked to return the bassinet. Instead they should contact the company (800-553-2300) for a free kit that includes detailed instructions and decals to place on the bassinet. The company has released a video showing proper assembly. It is at: burlingtonbasket.org/BASSINETRECALL.aspx. Additional information concerning the recall is at www.burlingtonbasket.com