Microsoft has finally released the gameplay trailer for the highly anticipated Halo 4.

The new trailer is action packed with cut scenes and gameplay interlaced together to make for interesting and captivating viewing. The gameplay has certain elements which Halo fans will be familiar with, but there will also be new additions like the Mantis Mech in multiplayer.

Here is a quick look at the gameplay and character aspects for Halo 4, “In Campaign, players take the role of the Master Chief, the living legend of the Covenant War, a SPARTAN-II super-soldier wearing heavily modified GEN1 Mjolnir armor. Within War Games and Spartan Ops, players take the role of a highly specialized SPARTAN-IV super-soldier, deployed from UNSC Infinity and utilizing a state-of-the-art Mjolnir GEN2 armor system.”

“The player’s Mjolnir armor can also provide individualized specializations referred to as Armor Abilities, such as Hardlight Shield, Active Camouflage, or Jet Pack. SPARTAN-IVs can integrate additional armor modifications, such as Support Upgrades and Tactical Packages.”

Halo 4 will be arriving with some rather heavy expectations from both the gaming community and critics as well. With the prequel in the form of a live action series, Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, anticipation has reached the boiling point.

Halo 4 also brings back Master Chief as the main protagonist, with some new enemies and some changes to multiplayer.

Halo 4 is all set for a November 6, 2012 release.

Here is the new Halo 4 gameplay launch trailer. What is your opinion on Halo 4? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.