Happy Endings: Low Ratings Not Deserved: Sabado Free-Gante Recap

In the Tuesday night comedy death match, “Happy Endings” continually polls with some of the lowest ratings.

But I don’t understand why.

The story centers on a group of six friends in Chicago. Jane (Eliza Coupe) and Brad Williams (Damon Wayans Jr.) are married, hilarious and adorable. Max (Adam Pally) is gay. Penny (Casey Wilson) is the nerd. And Dave (Zachary Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) are on again, off again.

The only nod to Halloween in this episode (6) is an awesome Jackson 5 marionette group costume. It’s a hilarious opening and thankfully all “Happy Endings” has to say about the holiday. (I am so burnt out on holiday/political specials.)

We learn Jane and Brad have cut back on expenses since Brad left his job. After brunch, Penny and Jane take off to negotiate a car deal. Dave and Alex go apartment hunting. And Max and Brad spend the perfect free Saturday together by crashing addict meetings, children’s birthday parties and provoking strangers.

I loved the couple shake-up, which gave us some nice Black Best Friend/Gay Fat Friend time together. Both Max and Brad have a childish quality to their characters that made their antics amusing and believable. They’re a great comedic duo.

Penny and Jane’s quality time together was almost as much fun. Penny’s reactions to Jane’s sudden appearances and disappearances had me laughing out loud. Jane’s final scene with the Car Czar (Rob Corddry) sealed the episode for me as one of the most hilarious. “No one should ever leave the house without their ideal salary on a folded up piece of paper,” Jane deadpans to the Czar. She’s set with a new job in the next episodes that will highlight her “take no prisoners” negotiating skills.

Meanwhile the BIG story line following Alex and Dave’s decision to move in together dragged on. They saw every apartment in Chicago, dragging the viewers and their real estate agent through every possible lame excuse. (Wi-fi? No, we’re old school. We like dial-up.”) It finally culminated when the agent (Rachael Harris) told them the truth. Dave and Al should not live together, they’re love story is “unique, not cute.”

They really shouldn’t be together.

Alex and Dave are a terrible TV couple. We’re stuck in the same relationship cycle all sitcoms love. It’s great fodder for screen time, but it’s annoying as all get out. Two people who are fine as individuals, but terrible as a couple should not keep dating and breaking up, TV. It’s annoying, it’s like seeing your best friend break up and make up with the worst human ever again and again. Stop doing it.

(Secretly I want Penny and Dave to get together for real, because then they would be adorable and silly.)

Despite the stupid Alex/Dave relationship taking away from the adventures of Penny/Jane and Max/Brad, I still love “Happy Endings” and will definitely be tuning in post-election.

The show airs Tuesday nights on NBC. It comes out on Wednesdays at Hulu. Do you love the show? Leave your comments below!

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