Heidi Jones Creates Her Own Storm, Admits Story Fake

A popular weather woman for NYC Channel 7 (WABC) has admitted to fabricating and then selling a rape story to police.  Heidi Jones, the weather woman at the center of this storm, had said a man had attacked and then tried to rape her while she was doing her standard Central Park jog.  Unfortunately, she only reported this story two whole months after the purported attack.

Jones says she only went to police now because the attacker was apparently harassing and she became worried.  However, when police questioned Jones about the facts of the original attack, the discovered inconsistencies with her report.  When questions about these inconsistencies, Jones then admitted to having fabricated the story to garner attention for herself.  She then went on to admit to personal issues and believed that her falsified claims would make people more sympathetic to her troubles.

Jones has been charged, because of this admission, with filing a false police report – an offense that may result in one year of incarceration and possibly a $1000 fine.

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