HelixEpisode 9 of Syfy’s Helix shows not all family reunions are happy.

Dr. Hitake FINALLY tells Dr. Walker he is her father, but her adverse reaction to the news leaves Dr. Hitake in tears.

Walker learns memories of her childhood are a fraud. Turns out, what she thought was a family cabin in Montana was really a room in the Arctic biosphere’s lower level. This revelation is a long time coming.

In previous episodes she discovered her handwriting on the biosphere’s walls and floors, but she had no memory of ever being there. We understand now that Walker was raised in the biosphere.

In a parallel plot line, Hitake’s adopted son, David is also reunited with his twin brother, Tulok.  David arrives at his Tulok’s camp just as Ilaria Corporation is rounding people up for execution. In a move to save his newly- discovered brother’s life, David punches Tulok in the face to prove his allegiance to Ilaria.

Just as it seems David will execute his brother, he, Anana, and Major Balleseros open fire on Ilaria’s henchmen to save the day. Tulok shows his gratitude by punching David in the face. Once calm is restored, David starts to uncover happy childhood memories and it seems the two will restore relations.

Beyond the major them of family, a major issue blocks CDC efforts to cure the vectors. After a failed mission to retrieve samples of Narvik A and B from level X, all hope seems lost. Hitake is floored when he learns the samples are no longer in the virus vault, but the culprit is soon revealed to viewers.

The episode closes with vodka swigging Dr.Adrian heading for the biosphere’s exit, Narvik virus in hand. Previews for episode 10 indicate apocalyptic consequences once the virus leaves the Arctic Circle.