Hell On Wheels Leaves Season 2 In Total Ruins

Hell On Wheels Leaves Season 2 In Total Ruins

AMC’s Hell On Wheels wrapped up it’s second season tonight with death and destruction.

Staying true to it’s earthy, dirty, hellish ways, the season 2 finale left everything in a real fine mess.

The town, destroyed. Relationships, destroyed. Lives, destroyed and wasted. But we all know… the railroad must go on.

The season 2 finale was quite a shock. Some of our favorite characters, what we considered staples of the show… now gone.

Our bad boy hero, former Confederate soldier Cullen Bohannon, has been an incredibly interesting character throughout.  One can’t say he’s tough on the outside but has a good heart – because he doesn’t. Sometimes he’s just as evil and heartless as can be. But there are times he comes though with a big heart, and can be gentle and caring. It plays with our psyche to see someone as both good and evil… though we all know there is both in just about all of us.

But Bohannon isn’t the only character with a mix of, well, everything. The first and second seasons of Hell One Wheels had a small battalion of similarly interesting characters.

‘Course, some of them are gone now.

Counted among the dead from tonight’s episode is Mr. Toole. Not the first time he has seen death. He literally saw the light and changed his life for the better after being shot and left for dead once before. But this is certainly the last we will see of him now.

Also dead, and quite a surprise, this one: Lily Bell. The “Fair Maiden of the West.” A recent widow, indian fighter, savvy, business smart, woman that gets around… if you know what I mean. A love interest of Bohannon, which is apparently a curse. Seems the only thing worse than Bohannon being mad at you is for him to love you.

And then there’s the crazy Norwegian called Swede… “but I’m Norwegian,” he laments. Who couldn’t see his leap from the bridge coming? Dead…? We’ll have to wait and see on that one.

Wow, this show has depth. The characters, all (excepting perhaps Eva) an intense swirl of good and evil. And all this good and evil heaped into a muddy, hard working, hellish, environment called Hell On Wheels – which, but the way, was an actual town that picked up and moved as the first transcontinental railroad was built across the US.

No word yet on when the 3rd season will premier. The first season is available on Netflix, the second season isn’t likely to be on Neflix until we get close to the premier of the third season on AMC.

But both the first and second seasons are available through iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. Neither of the previous seasons appears to be available on Hulu.

Now lets turn this over to you. Is The Swede dead? Can you believe they killed off Lily? What other characters died that I missed here? And what does season 3 have in store? Leave your comments below!

Hell On Wheels season 2 is on its way to Netflix!

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