Hello Barbie: Mattel’s Latest Model Gets High Tech

This November, little girls can expect an early Yuletide treat with the release of the newest Hello Barbie doll.

As announced by Mattel, and in collaboration with software company Toy Talk, Hello Barbie is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) that allows her to communicate with children during playtime.

Hello Barbie is equipped with a microphone embedded in her necklace, which is activated with a press of her belt buckle. As the child speaks into the mic, a special software analyzes his or her voice, and transmits the conversation to a server.

The AI in the server then determines the appropriate response that Barbie will give. The tech works similarly to Apple iPhone’s Siri.

As children enjoy playing with Barbie, they can have lots of different discussions with her. The doll can even remember the name of the child and his or her siblings, as well as pet names and what the child wants to be as he or she grows up.

Hello Barbie is currently available for pre-order on Mattel’s website. It comes with the doll, clothing and accessories, and a doll stand that serves as her battery charging station. The doll retails for about $75 and comes in three skin tones and hair color: blonde, light brown hair, and black hair.

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