3 Tricks Android N Will Do That Your Current Phone Can’t

The Google I/O 2016 tech conference has finally taken place, and we now know some exciting new details about Android’s next operating system, Android N.

A number of changes and improvements will be rolled out, including some that are not found on iOS.

Here are three major updates you can expect to see this summer:

Automatic updates — Like Chromebooks, Android N phones will update themselves seamlessly and automatically.

Instead of having to select when you want to install updates and waiting for your phone to reboot and optimize its apps, Android N will update itself behind the scenes.

Google Assistant — Lonely? Talk to your phone. You will not only be able to ask your phone a question and get an answer, you will also be able to continue the conversation by asking follow-up questions.

For example, you can ask Google Assistant where the nearest theater is, and you can then follow up with questions about what will play next, how to get tickets, etc.

Split Screens — Android N will allow you to have two opened tabs at once, side by side. This will be available not just on tablets, but on phones as well.

Android N, or Android 7.0, will be available to the public this summer. However, a beta version can already be downloaded on select Android devices.

Google is currently running a campaign called #NameAndroidN on their website, where fans can suggest a full name for Android’s next OS version.